Winter’s Four Seasons of Love

Whether it’s windy or sunny, Hiver Caniculaire is a fragrance that adapts to all seasons, regardless of its name. A paradox which we can unhesitatingly credit to the nose that conceived this juice. The hot-cold axis was an obvious choice for Philippe Paparella, a French nose based in Brazil who has traveled the world. His travels have made him an alchemist whose perfumes adapt to all climatic conditions, whose scents play on temperatures to bring out the finest in themselves. He explains, almost with fascination, the evidence of this Winter that can be as mild as it is lively.

“For Hiver Caniculaire, I was inspired by the raw material itself. With its smoky facets, guaiac wood is a very interesting wood to work with. Following the aesthetic of Antinomie, I was looking for the best partner for it. I remembered my trip to Salalah in Oman and I wanted to associate the guaiac wood with the olibanum. It was the perfect match; my creative idea was born.”

Philippe Paparella

One whiff of this snow in a bottle and the imaginary world begins to unfold: we envision the wood crackling in the fireplace, pulsating and warming. But the magic of the raw materials is such that the “contrast bursts forth thanks to the combination of fresh spices and the warmth of balsamic woody notes“. It’s the double kiss cool effect! Stimulated by the juicy, lively and mysterious effect of Madagascar Ginger, the fragrance of Olibanum is combined with that of Guaiac. For Philippe Paparella, it is obvious, “Hiver Caniculaire is the fusion of my memories and the beauty of the raw materials.” And this perfume really has the soul of a troubadour whose ballads can be heard from one country to another: spicy, energetic and warm. A booster effect composed of lively top notes: Orange, Ginger, Frankincense, Mandarin sprinkled with a pinch of pepper.

This scorching winter will slip just as warmly a ray of sunshine during the festive season. Its heart notes are sweet: Jasmine, Labdanum, Cedarwood, Almond and tender Lavender. It can also offer a zest of freshness to the tropical heat or, simply, delight everyone with its travel scent picked through the woods and flowers so varied offered by the contrasts of the planet.  This is reinforced by the base notes, Vanilla, Amber, Musk, Basil, or Patchouli, Tonka bean, and the mysterious Gaiac. Antinomie has travelled to the four corners of the world for a fragrance of the four seasons.