Olfactory diagnosis: chemistry or alchemy?

In you, in us, everything is unique. Our smells, your scents, our sweetness when the evening falls, the rose when the red rises to the cheeks, the citrus when the audacity sets in, the score of each one, no one else than us will compose it, even if each one will be touched by these new tones, delicate or bold. This is why Antinomie wants to go further by providing a real olfactory diagnosis.

Don’t think of it as something medical. The brand has understood that in each of us there is a fragrance, or several, which ignore themselves, and sometimes it is good to wake them up, to reveal them, as much to us as to those who are close to us. Their subtlety is such that it escapes even us. At the same time, science, intuition, skin tone, olfactory memory, mood, so many influences come into play that it is impossible – and this is the beauty of the thing – to find the ultimate perfection. Because perfection has only one definition: it is fluid, like the human being. The sweet amber man of today, whose body palpitates with salsa, will be emotionally transient tomorrow, peaceful, surrounded by neutral flavors, languid. Everything changes and everything is perfect. The olfactory diagnosis is there to help you through these variations which are You at every moment. Like the beautiful woman who wants to be irresistible one evening but willingly returns to her horse carriage, happy to find the comforting scents of her midnight pumpkin. With only 6 questions, Antinomie guides you to choose. Not a lifetime choice, no, the choice of a moment, of a specific time, yours. Evidence is not always considered but this is where Antinomie sets its first milestones: what does your nose tell you? In your quest for the ideal scent, do you know if your instinct leads you towards the freshness of citrus, floral notes or fruity scents? Our score is wide, come and browse through it, listen to it, let yourself be surprised by new notes collected from all over the world, look for the surprise that will make your heart hum. Look for the scent that will recognize you, it will know when you know, from the soft to the intense, walk around to stay still where your senses whisper to your ear “here it is, hold it“. This little voice that whispers to your soul will know everything about you at this precise moment: romantic, melancholic, euphoric, peaceful. It will know how to combine your mood and your flavors. This is where the magic happens. You will close your eyes and the symphony will take you to where your body wants to rest, relax, show off, and let off steam. Breathe and find yourself in a few Pschitt all bucolic in a garden with infinite greens, exalted in a spice market, exhilarated by the pure air of a walk in the forest, comforted by sweet flavors. Our diagnosis is based on instinct, intuition, experience, and the love we have for the people and flowers of the planet. There are other ways to analyze the path we take and to advise those who want to recognize themselves in their fragrance.

All is alchemy.

Science can help us, the spiritual too, the whole planet can decide which flower suits us, like the Little Prince and his Rose. Did you know that your skin tone decides how the perfume will make you feel? The color of your skin, from the lightest of skins to the most amber, but also the color of your hair: the more melatonin it contains, the more multiple the mix with the perfume. It can really become different and last longer. It is also poetic to know that color and flavor join together to embrace different notes, always bewitching, but of G, B and A of different ranges, like the individuals that we are. We even talk about Olfactory heritage: wearing a perfume containing scents associated with pleasant memories would smell very good, better than on someone else. The reason? A better match with the happy memories of its wearer. Ideally, we should project ourselves into our early childhood and remember all the smells of laundry drying in the sun, of shiny pies made by our grandparents, of lavender fields… A perfume of happiness that would make us beautiful. Seasons, age, astrology, lunar cycles, and many other factors would also influence the behavior of our perfumes – and ours, it goes without saying: obviously, our Noses cannot take them all into account. Even if we know it for sure, perfumes also have effects, calming, exciting, give self-confidence, enhance our daily outfit… The list is too long to be exhaustive. It would be necessary to speak to Cleopatra for whom fragrances had no secret. A friend of Antinomie who spoke with the cosmos, excellent advisor also to choose the flavor that will grant you all its favors.