Follow your instincts, Follow your pulses

We copy the gesture made by our mother, by the charming salesman in the perfume shop or, more glamorous, that of the Hollywood actresses who voluptuously drop a touch of perfume with a crystal pipette behind the earlobe. Few of us are wondering how and where to apply perfume, and if the place chosen is important?

But it does because nothing about fragrances is a random process. The gestures to adopt depend as much on the fragrances as on the time we want them to envelop us. To be discreet but present, you don’t need too much or too little – three sprays are enough – sprayed from 10 to 20 centimeters from the body. But one rule remains: smells like warmth, smells like life. So, to perfume oneself is first to offer to one’s impulses the place where one pulsates, the place of pulsations. For oneself sometimes, and sometimes also for the other. 

With sensuality, we offer the birth of the neck to the Psschiit of our favorite fragrance, but also on each side at the base of the ear, in the hollow of the chest, on the navel, on the inside of the elbows and on the wrists. This particularly hot area of the body is set on fire according to our feelings… A whole story that our Néroli Poète could tell you until the end of the night.  All these points of pulsation allow the scents to impregnate more deeply and to travel: the skin of each one makes it a different ship which sails towards different countries, with voluptuousness, like a Flirt Infini. Besides, the more the perfume contains natural raw materials, the more it will change with the skin: they are alive and evolve. This makes each fragrance a unique scent that blends with your skin, the result of an unforgettable discovery as soon as it touches you. Précieuse Folie & Danse Passive will be delighted to snuggle up in these hidden or revealed places, to seduce the one who will approach. And if you don’t want to choose but to immerse yourself, why not create a cloud of perfume in the air and pass through it, as if to cross the Hiver Caniculaire without feeling cold.

This moment of pleasure and intimacy is not only for the skin. You can also perfume your hair but remember to follow a few simple rules so as not to dry it out: just apply the perfume to a brush or a comb. Or your outfits: it is good to snuggle up in clothes where his.her smell is hidden. 

A fabric, a coat, a touch on the neck and you will feel the sensuality.